Sunday, May 26, 2013

Regent Seven Seas - Best Dog Potty

We returned from a wonderful cruise to Alaska on the Regent Seven Seas Navigator.  The staff was very professional and courteous. 

I have to say that our fellow ship mates were some of the nicest and most understanding of any we have met.  No snide comments about Asta being a service dog.  Very pleasant. 

Of course, we always get loads of questions on how to take a service dog on a cruise - the most frequent being:  where does your dog go potty?  Hands down, Regent provided the best dog potty of any cruise line so far!  Real grass and cedar chips. 

Some special thoughts for travelling with your service dog to Alaska in May:
  • It is cold - really cold.  Dog parka recommended.
  • Seas can be rough - we hit 15 to 20 foot swells.  Bonine or similar motion sickness medicine recommended (check with your vet).
  • The ship docks far away from some towns (like Sitka).  Check how long the shuttle ride is if you want to go out for a quick walk.