Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hawaiian Reprise

We are going to Hawaii again!   All of Asta's paperwork was much easier the second time around, as the rabies vaccination and testing requirements have already been met (and they are valid for three years.)  (See my earlier post: Health Certificates and Other Required Documentation)

Lesson learned from last cruise - make sure everything is arranged directly yourself!  For all the well-meaning cruise staff and agents, they aren't experienced with the red-tape of getting service dogs cleared. 

So - here is the additional list:
  • Make sure the head office of the cruise line has all copies of paperwork they need, as well as all those sent to the Dept of Agriculture in Hawaii.
  • fax the Dept of Agriculture in Hawaii (AQS) their requested paperwork.  Even if they say they accept emails, emails get lost.  Faxes usually don't.
  • If you can, work directly with the Port Agent reponsible for the ship's arrival in Hawaii.  For Cunard and Princess, this was Transmarine Navigation Corporation.  They can facilitate (1) arranging a vet (2) coordinating with the Department of Agriculture and (3) making sure the authorized veterinarian is allowed into the port area to perform the inspection of the dog.
  • That said, arrange for the inspection by an authorized veterinarian yourself. 
    • If in Honolulu, call and arrange for the inspection directly with the Department of Agriculture (AQS).  
    • If your first stop is Hilo,
      • first contact the Department of Agriculture and make arrangements for a private veterinarian to perform the inspection if an AQS person is not available
      • you may need to arrange for the inspector or vet to be permitted in the secure port area and to board the ship to perform the inspection by contacting the cruise line's head office and requesting the Purser to put his name in for authorization, and contacting the Port Agent directly to do the same.
    • if your first stop is Maui,
      • first contact the Department of Agriculture
      • then contact the Central Maui Animal Clinic
      • Note you may have to take a tender to port for the inspection
Then get packing!
Asta Packing Herself in the Suitcase