Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Other Vaccines for Dogs Entering Hawaii

So, yesterday was Asta's annual physical examination with her veterinarian.  The question came up as to whether she should have her distemper/parvo vaccine every year or some period longer than that. 

There are many articles by reputable veterinarians that suggest over-vaccination, or vaccination too frequently is not the best course for the health of your dog.  California (our home) suggests a minimum vaccination every 3 years.  Our vet did suggest that if we did not do the vaccine, Asta should have a titer test to make sure her antibody levels were at a sufficiently high level to guard against these devastating diseases.  Notably, the vaccine is relatively cheap (less than $40), and the test cost high ($250).  But, given what I've read about vaccines, we chose to go the test route and forego the vaccine.

The question then arose:  we are going to Hawaii - does Hawaii require any vaccinations other than the grueling anti-rabies test and vaccination program for service dogs?  Does Hawaii require vaccinations against distemper or parvo for visiting service dogs?

Answer:  I am not sure yet.  All the information I have found suggests that if you follow the requirements for service dogs entering Hawaii (rabies test, rabies vaccine, anti-tick application & microchip), that is all you need to do.  See my earlier blog post: Special Planning for Cruising to Hawaii.  I will update this blog post as I learn more.

*** As promised, an update.  The good news is that there is no apparent requirement for vaccinations other then rabies and anti-tick control. ***